Hypnotic' Bengal Yulibee

geb. 26.02.2024


C/cb black spotted tabby, carrie for sepia

D/D Dilute, full color


marble: Ta^M/-

(tested by Stanford Dept. of Genetics, Chris Kaelin, PhD, ausstehend) 



PK Def.: N/N, no copies of PK deficiency, cat is normal

PRA-b: N/N, no copies of PRA b mutation, cat is normal,

(Tests via parents)

HCM/PKD-screen negativ, cat is normal,  

Katze weist keine Anzeichen einer Herz-oder Nierenerkrankung auf,

First screen/erster Schall  

ūüíďausstehend ūüíď



Dam: Hypnotic'Bengal Shakti
Dam: Hypnotic'Bengal Shakti
Sir: Justwild Karma
Sir: Justwild Karma